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I tell online business owners all the time, “DO NOT sign up for another course, program, or mastermind.”

Wait. What?

Yep. This is the advice I give entrepreneurs when we start working together.

But why? What possible reason could make it detrimental to an entrepreneur to further their knowledge and education?

I’ll give you 3 reasons:

1 — You’re using it as a procrastination technique

Questions to ask yourself to see if this is the reason:

  • Do you already have the knowledge, resources, or tools to do what you need to in your business RIGHT NOW?
  • Are you giving in to fear?

If the answer is yes, then signing…

My mother passed away in January of 2008. The cancer had come back unexpectedly after years of being in remission.

We knew it was coming. We knew her days were numbered. We came home, spent time with her, hugged her when we had to leave and promised to come back…not realizing the last hug was the last hug.

The feelings and emotions you feel when someone you love leaves you are indescribable…certainly not to any full extent. Certainly not in a way that conveys the depths of the pain, the emptiness, the grief. The fear of not knowing how you’ll…

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Communication. It’s everywhere, and in everything. Whether it’s face to face or online, we can’t avoid it.

We have to communicate in order to do anything, go anywhere, be anything, get anything. It is very literally a key component of our every day lives and interactions.

So then why do SO MANY of us really suck at it?

As a communications instructor (I teach this stuff at the college level, and used to teach it to corporations) I can honestly say it’s because it’s not something we are formally TAUGHT how to do…like walking, or riding a bike, or baking…

Friday Morning Musings

The internet is a funny thing. On the one hand it is so beautifully brilliant because it connects us in ways in which we’ve never been connected before.

We are able to see into far away places and cultures that we may not have had the chance otherwise.

And yet, on the other hand, we are still so determined to cling to our preconceived ideas about those places and cultures, or simply listen to one side…usually the one that supports our own perspective, rejecting anything else as even remotely possible.

And the internet allows us the ability…

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As a college teacher, I have the privilege of meeting people from many walks of life. You’d think by the time they reached my student age group (adult), it’d be an entirely different ball game, that they would want to be there, and that they’d relish the opportunity to learn.

Often the opposite is true. Weirdly many adult students still hate being in school (even a program they chose, and paid to be a part of), they hate homework, they are lacklustre in their enthusiasm. Not all of them, but many of them. …

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“So, what brings you in today?” the doctor asked.

“Well, there are some people in my life who say I’m not myself. That I sound negative and angry, so I thought I’d come in and get checked.” I replied, feeling silly but holding back tears, while bouncing my nearly 8 month old baby on my lap.

“Are you getting enough sleep?” she asked.

I laughed. “No, my baby is not a good sleeper. She wakes every hour or so. And I’m a light sleeper to begin with.”

She went through a few more questions: was I anxious about going back…

Last night, a bit of a tiff erupted on one of my social media posts. I had shared an article about how motherhood is lonely, and how we no longer have the proverbial village that we once enjoyed the benefits of in previous generations.

Someone commented stating that this perspective was bullshit. That all you had to do was get out. Find a sitter. Visit with friends who had kids. Get family involved. That opened the floodgate of comments from other women. Angry women.

I could see her point of view, as limited as it was. But then, I also…

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We all search for truth in our own way, whether it’s through the purpose of life, our place in the world, the meaning of our day to day, how to stay productive, how to accomplish, how to do, how to be…

That’s all the preamble you’ll get today. I’m going to get straight to the point.

The only truth in life is that we are all dying. Right now. In this moment. Yet even when death is expected, it is sudden and shocking. It doesn’t matter if the person who dies is 9 or 90.

We all live lives in…

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As the world becomes ever busier, we’ve all heard the self-care advocates talking about putting yourself first. No one likes a martyr (well, okay, maybe they LIKE martyrs but they certainly don’t respect them). You don’t win any prizes for bending over backwards for everyone in every situation.

But putting yourself first can be a legitimate challenge for a lot of women. I know there are going to be a few of you out there who say, “Hell no! Just put yourself first! Everyone else can wait! You can’t pour from an empty cup!” …

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When’s the last time you were without your device? How long has it been since you last checked your email? Your social media? Posted a selfie?

For me it was literally 5 minutes ago so I’m not here to tell you to put your device down and unplug. I know how hard it can be and, in many of today’s circles, how it can almost be a form of self care. Yes, really.

As a new mom (again) my devices are often the only things keeping me from losing it completely when I’m up, again…

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